Most Comfortable ATV Accessories: Grips, Helmets and More

Imagine this: the wind in your hair, the smell of fresh air, the rumble of gravel under your ATV tires. Sounds like the perfect afternoon, right? But it could be even better. At High Lifter, we offer not only aftermarket parts to customize your ride, but we also offer items to make driving your ATV a more comfortable experience. 

Not sure where to start? Sit back, relax, and read our expert suggestions on some of the accessories that can make your ride the most comfortable around!

Which ATV is the most comfortable?

First and foremost, you’re probably wondering if there’s an ATV on the market that has the most comfortable base to start with. After all, starting with a comfortable base and adding more comfortable items on top can only help the overall feel or your ride, right? Right! Well… kind of. Just like there’s no two riders alike, there’s no two ATV’s alike in comfort. We at High Lifter believe any Polaris, Cam-Am, or any other ATV you think of can be made comfortable with the right additions. 

No matter your ride, a great place to start looking for items is the “Browse Our Products” tab at the top of the High Lifter Homepage. 

Here, you can browse all the accessories we offer by category. From snorkels to lift kits to everything in between, you can find whatever you need to make your ride the most comfortable rig around. 

After all, it’s not the model that’s comfortable, it’s what you want to add on! Here are some suggestions from our expert riders:

What are the most comfortable ATV grips?

Sometimes one of the most uncomfortable parts of riding your ATV is actually getting into your ride. This can be especially true if your ride is lifted. A comfortable and easy solution to this issue is installing a set of ATV grips. 

Fire Power Heated ATV Grips

Whether you prefer a crisp morning or a steamy afternoon in the sun, everyone can agree having cold hands is one of the most uncomfortable experiences around. Long gone are the days of rubbing your hands together and relying on warmer packs with this heated ATV grip. Fire Power has a whole line of accessories to keep your ride warm and toasty. These grips are perfect for those chilly morning hunts or late night riding. They’re also: 

  • Made with quality rubber that’s heat resistant
  • Use steady heat to keep your hands warm without burns
  • Equipped with easy to use controls

Most Comfortable ATV Accessories – Just Extras! 

Whether it’s on a sandwich or in a package– everyone loves extras. It’s not different when it comes to your ATV. And even though an ATV’s topless nature might make you think that extras are out of the picture, we at High Lifter want to paint you a different picture. Here are just some of the extra accessories you can add to your ATV. 

Liquid Caddy Cup Holder

To most, comfort is a cold drink on a hot day – and riding shouldn’t get in the way of that! Keep drinks safe and upright with Liquid Caddy’s line of cup holders. These cup holders attach to your ride’s handlebars and install in seconds. Plus, the Liquid Caddy Cup Holder:

  • Self-levels to keep your drink from tipping over and covering you and your ride
  • Swivels in order to keep your drink upright as all times
  • Holds virtually any container so you can drink whatever you want, wherever the trail takes you

Rough Country Electric Cooler

Having a drink holder isn’t really that useful without having a drink! Keep drinks and even snacks cold and crisp with Rough Country’s Electric Cooler. Simply plug this cooler into your ride with a DC power cord and enjoy a refreshingly cold drink on even the hottest days. This cooler also: 

  • Features a LG Compressor and Built-In LED light
  • Split compartment for separate cooling and freezing 
  • A cooling range of -4 to 68 degrees fahrenheit
  • 45 liters of spacer for snacks, drinks, or even bait

So, What Now?

With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which accessories are the most important for you and making your ride as comfortable as it can be. But at High Lifter, we want to make every part of the accessory buying journey a comfortable one. We offer not only the products mentioned above, but a whole host of other items built for comfort, customization, and even performance. 

Check out our homepage to find what accessories work best for you. But first grab a drink, settle in and get comfortable – we’ve got a lot of options at High Lifter for you to find what fits your ride  perfectly.