Best UTV & ATV Trails in Texas

Freedom, fast buggies, and fun—there’s a lot to love about riding in Texas. As the biggest state in the lower forty-eight, it’s hard to tackle every trail in Texas if you aren’t given the right guide. The team at High Lifter makes a point to not only test products on the trail — but take in everything the road has to offer. Here’s the best-of-the-best in Texas broken down into five categories:

  • Affordability
  • Best Amenities
  • Biggest Territory
  • Best Mudding
  • Best Events

Rules for riding ATV and UTV trail in Texas

All of the best parks have one thing in common: an agreed-upon set of rules to keep everyone safe and happy. Every park has different rules, but if you’re hitting multiple trails or mud pits across the Lone Star State, here are the basic state-wide rules every park and trail will have:

General UTV or ATV safety/equipment guidelines for riding in Texas

  • A working muffler
  • An operational brake system
  • A head and tail light (use during the hours between 1/2 hour before sunrise and 1/2 hour after sunset or reduced visibility)
  • A USFS-qualified spark arrester
  • The Off-Highway Vehicle decal issued by the State Parks and Wildlife Department (if you plan to ride on roads during your trip).

Rules to follow when riding on any ATV or UTV trail in Texas

  • You will have to sign a waiver for ATV and UTV parks. The majority of parks and trails allow you to print and sign the waiver in advance before your arrival
  • If you’re under 18, you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Respect the range and trails; don’t cut down trees or harm the flora and fauna while you’re on the trail
  • No drinking alcohol while operating your vehicle or riding/driving while intoxicated above local legal limits
  • Firearms and fireworks are prohibited unless publicly posted in specific areas
  • In-park riding through campsites or on public trails obey the speed limit of 5 MPH. Some may be faster—but this is a good guideline wherever you are!
  • Respect local littering and trash laws
  • Helmets are encouraged or required depending on what you ride (almost any ATV/dirtbike rider will need one whereas UTVs might not)
  • Glass bottles are prohibited for safety
  • Non-campers are not allowed after common riding hours
  • Theft, violence, and recklessness are not tolerated
  • No fighting amongst park visitors
  • Drive smart: no donuts, wheelies, or other stunts that could endanger other riders.

Best Mudding ATV and UTV trails in Texas 

Sabine ATV Park

7505 TX-63

Burkeville, TX 75932

This park is known as one of the best places to get muddy in the state. There are dozens of High Lifter employees and hundreds of fans who can vouch for this park. Located in Burkeville, TX just South of the Sabine National Forest, the rivers and streams are exquisite to see and even more fun to ride through!

There’s dozens of videos available on YouTube to highlight some of the hardest-hitting mud holes to give you an idea of what to expect. Any way you ride, however, there’s something for you. Rated from beginner to intermediate, the different trails offer something great for everyone. There’s space for RV camping, tent camping, full-on cabins, and almost everything else you could need. There’s also a stage for musical acts and performances if you’re looking for a place to host an event. 

Sabine ATV Park features 85 RV camping sites with full electric and water hookups. Their RV sites are centrally located conveniently near the recreation area and amenities. The reasonable price makes this an extra sweet spot to take it easy or tear it up on the trails. Get the confidence to conquer whatever Sabine can throw at you with a Snorkel Kit from Snorkel Your ATV

Non-Event Weekend Rates


Event Weekend Rates



Largest ATV and UTV park in Texas

Gator Run

Co Rd 2211, Tatum, TX 75691

Located in Easton, TX about an hour away  from Shreveport LA, this park is a favorite for full-send riders and their families alike. Over 5,200 acres make this a great spot to spend a whole weekend and never have the same ride twice. For those long hauls, having the right tunes is a must. Get an upgraded Bluetooth sound bar for your UTV here.

Here’s what you can expect for pricing/camping fees as well: 

  • $15 per person / $15 per bike / Friday-Sunday Night / 24-hr Riding
  • $10 per person / $10 per bike / One-Day Only
  • $30 3-Day Special Event, includes ATV
  • $40 4-Day Special Event, includes ATV
  • $50 per Truck for 3-Day weekend


  • Primitive camping is always free with gate entry
  • 12×32 Cabin is $150/night – 12×24 Cabin is $100/night
  • $150 Security Deposit is required for all cabins. Refundable if the cabin is undamaged and clean when you leave. RV Spots/Cabins will have to be rented for the duration of the event.

Cheapest ATV and UTV riding in Texas

Eisenhower State Park

50 Park Road 20

Denison, TX 75020-4878

Private parks may offer more for mudding, rock crawling, or overall adrenaline, but nothing beats taking to the state trails for cheap and finding your own secret spots! Eisenhower State park, located in Denison, TX requires only a $5 entry fee for adults and gets you the most fun per dollar on this list.

Check out the camping rates here: 

  • Full hookup RV campsites: $23/night
  • Campsites with electricity: $20/night
  • Campsites with water (premium): $17/night
  • Campsite with water: $15/night
  • Overflow camping: $12/night

With a lean towards longer rides, these trails are extremely beautiful and well-maintained, and cater towards family-friendly riding. You can almost always find a campsite, and it’s a favorite of many High Lifter riders in Texas.

Best amenities/nicest ATV and UTV park in Texas

Hidden Falls Premier Offroad Adventure Park

7030 Ranch Rd 1431

Marble Falls, TX 78654

For the best time on four wheels, sometimes it’s all about the amenities! The first thing that Hidden Falls visitors notice is how well the park is maintained. The next thing they notice is the incredible array of different trails and different lodging to meet any need. From unbeatable cabins to open-air camping, you’re at a loss to find a place you can’t get comfy.

The over 3,000 acres of land and trails lends itself to the intermediate-to-beginner or some trails, but there’s always another trail to take for those who want to go a little faster, get a little muddier, or climb a little higher.

With a serious setup of different cabins and campsites, any group of almost any size is sure to find the perfect accommodations:

  • Tent Sites: $25, $20, $15 a night for varied sizes and hookups
  • Bunkhouses: $110/night
  • Starlite Motel: $155/night (Sleeps three)
  • “Zip’s House” Cabin: $300/night (Sleeps five)
  • “Jessie’s Place” Cabin: $600/Night (Sleeps eight)

Best ATV or UTV park for events, concerts, parties

River Run ATV Park

2001 CR 3315

Jacksonville, Texas 75662

Just off of the Neches river, this is one of the top parks to see if you’re looking for a little bit of extra-curriculars after your day of riding. Some of the biggest events of the year for ATV and UTV fans are held here, including one heck of a Mardi Gras celebration!

Fishing, swimming, and relaxing off of the Neches is a fan-favorite way to spend the day, and the mud riding is a notable standout as well! Over 2,000 acres of private land and 6-8 of the wildest events and competitions a year makes River Run a great choice for riding..

River Run makes it a priority to stay reasonably priced — and riders everywhere appreciate it! Check out their fees below:

Our fans suggest getting the year pass! If you plan on camping and riding for a week or more this year, you’ll save yourself some money by paying one flat $250 rate. The biggest High Lifter fans say it pays for itself well before riding season is over!

Commonly Asked Questions for ATV/UTV riding in Texas

Do you have to register a UTV or ATV in Texas?

Not every county or township requires it — but it’s a good idea if you’re riding outside your property. The majority of High Lifter fans make sure to register their vehicle so they can ride on any trail worry-free.

Do you need a license to ride an ATV or UTV in Texas?

If you’re riding anywhere on public land or beaches, there’s a safety certificate you’ll need to ride in TX. There’s a wide variety of safety classes that not only get you certified but help you register your offroad ride as well.

Can you ride an ATV or UTV on the beach in Texas?

The answer is yes — but only on some beaches. It’s always smart to know before you go and do some research on where you ride. But posted signs or local authorities should be able to let you know when you arrive. Keep your eyes peeled for signs—and don’t be afraid to ask! It could save you a ticket and some time.

Do you need insurance on an ATV or UTV in Texas?

The only documentation you really need to own and operate an ATV or UTV on your property is a title. High Lifter always recommends that you insure your ATV or buggie; better to spend a little to save your side by side.

Can you ride a side by side or ATV on the road in Texas?

Certain counties and cities are fine with operating ATVs and UTVs on off-highway roads within the boundaries of the city or within unincorporated areas of certain counties. You’ll need to get an off-highway vehicle license plate if you plan to go over 25 MPH. If you keep it under 25, a slow-moving vehicle emblem is all you’ll need. 

How old do you have to be to ride an ATV or UTV in Texas?

Texas requires riders under 16 years of age to be monitored and limits the engine power and size by age as well:

  • Age 6 and older under 70cc
  • Age 12 and older 70cc—90cc
  • Age 16 and older over 90cc

Do you need to wear a helmet when you ride in Texas?

The friends and family of High Lifter all agree — although a helmet may not be legally required depending on the local laws, it’s always a good idea. There are dozens of great options out there at great prices. If you’re looking for additional security and comfort while you ride, check out High Lifter’s unbeatable selection of 3 and 4 point harnesses for UTVs!

The perfect trip and time out with friends and family always starts with the right plan. And, what better plan than spending your days ripping rooster-tails and your evenings out camping with the crew? Any of these top UTV trails and parks are going to be a hit for anyone with a need for speed, or a full-send attitude. To get the gear you need for any park or trail, shop High Lifter today!