Gator Waders Release New Uninsulated Swamp Waders

At High Lifter, we believe in a quality and functional product. The first time Scott and Rachel Smith tried on a pair of Gator Waders they knew they had just found their new favorite mud riding accessory! “If you ask us at High Lifter why we choose Gator Waders, three words come to mind: quality, comfort, and style. Their insulated waders keep us warm in the winter, and we love the breathable line for the warmer days. They always fit just right, look the best, and keep us dry, which is important because we’re always covered in mud!” said Scott and Rachel Smith.

Gator Waders had continued with the quality, comfort, and style Scott, Rachel, and hundreds of other offroad fans love with their new line of Uninsulated Swamp Offroad Waders.

The Uninsulated Swamp Offroad Waders keep you protected and dry without making you sweat. These waders feature a breathable lightweight body with reinforced legs to keep you cool and protected, mud-tire inspired rubber boots for durability, a flip-out internal dry goods pocket for all your necessities, and a mud rider cut for comfort. The Uninsulated Swamp Waders also feature a new hook & ladder easy-strap adjustment system with heavy-duty straps. Gone are the days of reaching over your shoulder trying to adjust the straps to the right level and it being a pain. Simply hook in the section on the ladder that is most comfortable for you and you’re done!