Renegade Products Offers Detailer Series

Renegade Products is a reliable manufacturer and authority on keeping America’s show trucks shining while keeping the off-road and lifted truck scene clean for race another day.

The Detailer Series offered by Renegade Products provides a professional clean. This robust collection cleans away grease, bugs, oil, and grime. It loosens and lifts dirt off of painted surfaces, glass, and chrome. All products rinse off easily and leaves a sparkling, clean surface.

The full collection of degreasers, waxes, paint correction, soaps, and fragrances tackles the toughest dried on mud and removes any streaks left from the dunes in the desert. With over 50 products, you know your truck or unit will be ready for the next adventure with the Detailer Series.

See What Customers Say about the Detailer Series

Liking this soap so far! I’m super picky about any residues or water spots being left behind and this stuff works great. – Mason M. on Power EZ Foam

Worked great when a little dust coat came on the truck, couldn’t find anything better than it! – Charles R. on Zero Water Waterless Wash

Love, love, love the Leather Tonic! My favorite interior cleaning product! Smells Amazing and leaves an awesome shine! – Mindy G. on Leather Tonic Cleaner & Conditioner

Works great! I’m going to buy the gallon size on my next purchase because I go through the bottle pretty fast. – Jamie C. on Knock Out Heavy Duty Greaser

Get a Behind the Scenes Look at the Leather Tonic from Renegade.