UTV & ATV Tire Sizing Guide

Tough trails, mud, sand and rocks are some of the most challenging terrains to trek in your UTV or ATV. There’s a reason the pros can make it over almost any obstacle, and that reason is tires

If you’re looking for new tires for your UTV or ATV, you need to make sure you find the right set in the right size. 

How to measure UTV or ATV tire size

You could break out the ruler and guess — or you can do it like the pros. On every tire that comes through the High Lifter store, there’s a marking on the sidewall that tells you everything you need to know about how it’s going to perform.

Getting the grip you need starts with your tires. With a simple explanation of the markings on the tire sidewall, you can make sure the tires you order are going to be a fit.

What do UTV & ATV tire size numbers mean?

The numbers on the sidewall of your ATV’s tires tell you tire width, sidewall height, tire type and overall size in a quick series featuring three numbers and one letter. Once you understand what these combinations mean, you’ll be able to find the right tires for your style of riding.

Tire sidewall marking example

205 / 80 R 12

Let’s break it down:

  • FIRST NUMBER: Tire width (in mm)
  • SECOND NUMBER: Sidewall height percentage related to the tire width, i.e. how much of the tire is the flat “wall” compared to curved and treaded sections. In our example, the sidewall height is 80% of the 205 mm width (165 mm).
  • FIRST LETTER: This describes the type of tire — bias or radial; with the bias being the better pick for offroad and radial for pavement use.
  • FOURTH NUMBER: This is the diameter of the tire itself and the size most pay attention to if they’re looking to get a lift kit.

What size tires do you need?

Most will say bigger is better — but the pros at High Lifter recommend you pay attention to your riding style, goals, and what you expect out of your ATV or UTV first. Theoretically, a larger tire gets you farther with fewer rotations. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. The way a tire performs on your ATV depends on the type of riding it’s meant for.

Best tires for mudding 

When you’re going through murky trails and deep water, bigger is better. To stop getting stuck, the best option is a large tread, big diameter tire that keeps you above the muck and keeps the mud moving behind you. High Lifter’s Out&Back and Outlaw Max tires are a great way to make it through the muck.

The High Lifter Out&Back Max tires have an aggressive tread pattern and true sizing designed to power any ATV through nearly any environment. The Out&Back Outlaw Max tires use stepped-lug construction and a rugged carcass for trusted performance. If you need the most out of your mud ride, you need the Outlaw Max. Find the set for your ride today.

Best tires for all-terrain riding

At High Lifter, we’re a fan of being able to do what you want, when you want. With Falcon Ridge’s Ascent series of tires, you can get the tread you need to cover almost any trail with the smooth ride of a more traditional “roadie” tire. Get the right size A/T tire here

Top tires for pavement and road

The Vanquish tire was designed to model the superior tread and control of heavy-duty truck tires with a radial pattern. The longevity and durability of these tires make them a perfect fit for plowing the driveway, towing in town, or just going out for a cruise. These Falcon Ridge Vanquish tires give the best of both worlds—without sacrificing quality or performance. Find the fit of your UTV or ATV here.

Find the tread that takes you further

ATVs and UTVs are always a blast—as long as the tires hold up. If you’re slipping or getting less grip when you need it, it could be time to upgrade. High Lifter’s selection of tires is wide enough to fit any rider’s style. 

Find your best day on the trails with new tires today.