Latest & Greatest Addition to the High Lifter Portal Family

If you’ve ever been called a dare devil, risk taker or bad ass, you need High Lifter’s latest and greatest addition to the portal family. Lift, power and performance is made possible with the High Lifter 8” Dual Idler Portals! The all NEW 8” Dual Idler portals were designed with a strategically clocked backing plate that allows for big tires and additional fender clearance to keep you moving through anything that comes your way!

8” Dual Idlers have been a hot topic in the offroad industry, and we are here to tell you why you should choose High Lifter.

Here at High Lifter we know the installation process can either make or break you. Our engineers developed these portals with a simple installation process to save you time. High Lifter’s 8” portals include a brake line extension, so no more replacing factory brake lines. Can-Am riders, we know you will appreciate this! We’ve also been known to provide the BEST installation instructions and promise to do so again with the 8” Dual Idlers!

We know choices are always good so we have two gear reductions to fit your riding needs – 50% or 60% gear reduction. The 60% gear reduction has been proven to get through the toughest terrains. Attack swampy mud and the deepest mud holes! If you’re traveling over rock, or on long trails, you’ll get the same great performance with less impact on speed with the 50% gear reduction. Regardless of your riding needs, High Lifter has the most options for you to choose from when it comes to 8” Dual Idlers! This portal box design is killer and the engineering behind these is unmatched!

Why we choose forging?

The High Lifter Engineers choose forged gear boxes over billet because the process of forging eliminates the occurrence of porosity and cavities that can reduce strength in a part. With 8” portals, you want them to be strong; the tight grain structure in our gear boxes makes them mechanically stronger than the alternative! Take on any terrain because these boxes will handle the impact!

If you’re thinking about upgrading to 8” Dual Idlers, choose the best looking and best engineered boxes on the market, you won’t be disappointed!