Suspension Seats – The Start for PRP Seats

Since starting in the founder’s garage over 17 years ago, PRP Seats has always been made in America. The PRP Seats staff of over 40 individuals works up to 6 days a week producing custom suspension seating and accessories.

Noticing the lack of competition in the industry, Aaron Wedeking founded the company with the goal of making a better suspension seat. His first customers consisted of Off-Road Warehouse and Meyers Manx. PRP Seats quickly grew in size and reputation in off-road circles, becoming one of the top seating companies, and quickly challenging the likes of Beard and MasterCraft.

Since the introduction of UTVs such as the Polaris RZR and Yamaha Rhino, the suspension seat industry has experienced sharp growth. PRP Seats has been on the forefront of that growth, and prides themselves on listening to their customer and developing seats that are in demand.

What is a Suspension Seat?

The term suspension seat comes from the liner suspended between the steel frame. As the occupant moves up and down, the liner gives, preventing the body from constantly hitting against a hard surface such as those found in stock seats. This provides unparalleled comfort when riding, allowing for longer adventures and less soreness in the muscles and back.

Home Installation Services

PRP Seats goes the extra mile by offering home installation services. You can put away the tools and trust PRP Seats’ craftsmanship with convenient and affordable installation. The Buy It Installed® brand takes the stress out of installation by connecting you with professionals who are ready to install your new purchase. Find out more about PRP Seats Home Installation here.

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